This is Lucky. 2 years old Congo African Grey parrot. He a fully trained free flight parrot. Safety precautions had been made before flying him outdoor.

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    12 replies to "African Grey Parrot – Morning Flight"

    • ningaOp

      My neighbour also have Australian grey and that bird annoy me

    • Silver Rock

      This must be so unnerving

    • Khaleefa X

      How do you prevent the hawk or eagle attacks?

    • Fish Birdy

      I adopted my grey when he was 6years old! We had a at first connection bird won’t leave me alone when at home let’s say lol! How ever I lost my bird 3 time and we found him with some good effort specially at first time as he was completely lost in different neighbourhood after 3 day I was broken down24/7 had crew out keeping eye on every tree until I found him!

    • Mr Johnny21

      Fantastic!! 😃

    • Hari Prasad. B

      How long do African grey parrot lifespan

    • Isabella J

      If he one day scares in middle of those flights ? maybe you won’t see him again.

    • Louise Helgesson

      That is amazing 🤩

    • Andrey Alkhimov

      There a video were he drives in the car and his parrot is flying next to him.

    • Andrey Alkhimov

      This guy is good I've seen some of his videos and you can tell his bird is happy and loves him confident boy.

    • rana ahsan real estate

      I try my pet to fly fre but never come back 😅😅

    • Bryan Doles

      I'm wondering, do you think I should let my Grey free fly? If so how do I make sure she doesn't fly away?

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