Amazon parrots free flying. Bebe comes first and Darwin flies more. In this time of the year Bebe doesn't feel in good shape. I yell loudly to keep contact when they disappear from my sight.

Don't try this without proper training.

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    • Czeckered Cat

      0:56 "Olaaaa!"
      Wow! That was one of the coolest bird vocalizations I've ever heard! And you all said it in unison.

    • Abo Ali

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    • Ste.B.

      How are they doing today 2021?

    • Destiny Kish

      Ahhh how wonderful

    • yungcxrlos

      I never seen her before but I guarantee she is blonde.

    • Ma • 15 anos atrás

      Você é brasileira? Portuguesa?

    • Eu Song

      My bird just drops from her perch… I never cut her wings before… And then later she bites lioe crazy 😆

    • Omar Zaki Vlogs

      can u teach us how and when to free flight them

    • Johnexa

      How to teach parrot something like that?

    • Lucia Rodrigues


    • heaven

      I always have to come back to this video. It's one of my favorites

    • Elder Dias

      Que português horrível!! Sotaque terrível!!

    • Kate

      This is a great video !! These birdies are having the time of their lives….it is beautiful to watch. They are gorgeous birds…love the clip..thanks for sharing your darlings with us

    • Jutta Schotte-Pfuhl

      You want to train free flights and aviator – even when the bird is no more young – go to: – its a great very active community for unbelievable 10,- € / Year / Bird – you will love it !

    • Hilton Junior

      Mto lindos parabéns

    • Каринчик Тв

      Очень красивые, и умные Амазончики. Самые классные попугаи. Обожаю Амазонов.👍👍👍😁🐦💙💙💙☘💐☘💋

    • Manuel Ferreira

      Como os conseguiu educar dessa forma ?

    • Paws n Claws

      I have the same blue fronted parrot…absolutely great video!!!

    • Geraldo S.J. junior

      Parabens! só vi o video agora, mas achei muito empolgante o seu Hobby!

    • time )( travLR

      So wonderful! Thanks for sharing your video!

    • Vick Namdeo

      I love these birds most loveing pet

    • Mundo Aves

      Hello how are you, I present my name is Jose Flores and I want to ask you about the flight in the open air with amazonas and how do I achieve it, I hope you can still answer me and let me know if there is an email or social network to communicate much better, Greetings and forgive If I have a mistake in the writing of English but I am from Latin America and I do not master it perfectly

    • Farias,


    • 528Hz Gaming

      and I thought I spoke fluent parrot! Absolutely beautiful 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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