Korra's first time out in nearly 2 months due to having her whole entire tail pulled out by a certain blue someone...... (he was hormonal) so now that its grown out enough its time to build up those muscles!! 😀
Free flight is a lifestyly choice be sure you and your parrot are willing to live it.
For all Free Flight Training & info please visit www.adventuresofroku.com Do NOT try at home.
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    9 replies to "Aussie Free Flight Parrots"

    • Susan De Ocampo

      Is there any group that bird owners meet up for this kind- free flight ?

    • Dog and Squirrel

      How do you teach them to come back?

    • kanza malik

      Omg these birds are lovely, my african grey is just so mean.

    • Ian Dowd

      I could watch this video all day, fascinating to see how the birds are interacting with their owners and with one and other.

    • 01dukegirl

      What are the treats? Trying to find a easy treat when training my Macaw. I can't imagine free flight yet!! It is beautiful to see! 😀

    • Daniel Elazary

      What type of bird is the red head and grey body.

    • Cosmira Marcelo

      muito top esse canal

    • Purple Raptor

      AWW so cute video! I'M a fan of this Channel! And the parrots looks very happy!

    • frisk dreemurr

      How old is korro

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