A virtual Bird Room full of happy parrot sounds to add to your bird’s environment! Just the Parrot Town birds & their own bird room parrot sounds, noises, & talking that they do here at our home.
We hope you and your birdies enjoy 🙂

Music and Soundscapes TV for birds who enjoy watching birds do bird things 🙂
A virtual bird room for your parrot (and my own flock).
Birds are highly intelligent, social creatures that need multiple forms of enrichment. This channel is here so we can give our parrots virtual bird room buddies to hang out with every day while helping us create a happy, content, calm, & balanced atmosphere for them through endless parrot-enriching background sights and sounds.
*We also post little behind-the-scenes shorts of the birds flocking around here at home 🙂

The Birds of Parrot Town➤ Peachy & Ellie🌈 (Cockatoos), Charlie (African Grey), Benny (IRN), Frankie & Augie (Cockatiel)

💡 If you're new to caring for birds, please note that Parrot Town TV is not a cure-all for parrot problems. Be sure to discuss any of your concerns about your bird with an Avian Vet as well as doing the due diligence of researching parrot care topics. Parrots are wild and have a complex set of needs.

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