#TBT/#FBF to when a few of us got together to have a play date, some of the birds were in a photoshoot toward the end of the afternoon 🙂 will share the pics once they are available.
Roku, Korra and Pabu all came out today as there was so many people it was easy to keep them distracted, however Pabu still continually kept landing on my head/face/phone/ear/neck/back... pretty much everywhere but my bloody hand 😪
There was like next to no fights today! Woooo (usually there’s natural squabbling) and Korra was giving Khyber the eye again haha
Woot wooooo, however he’s still too shy to get close to her. Clumsy doofus.
Pascal the little hahns Macaw I hand reared (you can see in prior uploads) came with his brother mowgli (special needs black cockatoo/bumi’s half brother with birth skeletal defects) and jaja the galah (in cage due to wing injury).
Everyone had fun playing in the trees and really taking advantage of flying in a flock due to some native birds swooping and chasing (no danger, natural behaviours for new unknown birds) Bumi unlocked some new flight moves I’ve not seen before either!
Also Kevin tried to car surf again with khyber but the gentleman didn’t want to drive boooooo so they got bored and bunny hopped to their mums car.
Lawnton the pigeon who was rescued, he is unable to fly due to permanent injury 🙁 but is happy with company and loves Foraging on the ground like they do naturally in the wild (I get them in and around my Aviary, Pabu feeds them by throwing them him his healthy food 🙄)
I think that’s everything for the day, oh the Lorys were just playing as well, for anyone who has lorikeets/lorys then you know this behaviour is normal and natural so no hate because that’s ignorant haha feel free to ask any questions!
Have a great week everyone! Will upload these as fast I can! Thank you outer suburbs of australia for your dial up speed net! 😪😂
All birds listed in Video

Roku - Blue and gold macaw
Korra - Greenwing macaw
Pabu - Major Mitchells Cockatoo
Bumi - Yellow tailed black cockatoo
Mowgli - Yellow tailed black cockatoo
Kai - Black Lory
Emery - Black Capped Lory
Khyber - Blue and gold macaw
Miko - Green cheek conure
Kevin - Galah
Jaja - Galah (in cage)
Pascal - Hahns Macaw
Aslan - Alexandrine (male)
Aztec - Sun Conure
Lawnton - Crested Pigeon
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    20 replies to "Free Flight Parrot Fun"

    • Jessica Johnson


    • Jessica Johnson


    • Jessica Johnson

      Parrots are just beautiful 😍 ❤ 🦜

    • Savage

      Roku and Korra are so majestic in the way they simply glide through the air almost effortlessly.
      I strive to one day have a free flighted Macaw 🦜

    • Emily Jenkins

      Aside from all the actual training involved in preparing for free flight, how do you pick the days that are safe? Do you look for specific wind conditions? How do you minimise the predator risk? How do you pick the places you’ll go to free fly? These are all beautiful birds 🙂

    • Bertolfo, Jairus Karl A.

      i love your videos bro, i don't know why, but seeing birds fly freely makes me feel light and relaxed

    • Barry Allender

      I love watching them all out. Amazing fun flying. I just worry about them.

    • Moondog Rex

      Love seeing them enjoying play dates and being able to fly around

    • Naïs Cän

      Lucky birds and… lucky persons…

    • Julie Paiz

      These birds 🐦are spoiled, they have better life than humans.

    • 6106 กฤษฏา เกษชุมพล

      Couler is beautiful , like blue+yellow & pink.

    • TheEverydayIllusion

      Beautiful animals

    • Rocky

      How can I train like this then not flying away??

    • Annette

      What a lovely sight to see these pets have a lovely day out and meet up with friends !

    • kinsley conte

      Birds are the best

    • J. J

      This true bird lovers 💕💕

    • J. J

      Great 😍😍😍

    • macaw 💚

      I love those macaw

    • Adilson Perez

      Bello 😍😍😍😍

    • Gffv fgjfh


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