Here's a short video of what goes on in a free flight session. This is not the full session but just chose some highlights.

Feel free to ask questions if you want to know more about what's going on.

One of these days I'm going to make a video of the free flight journey of my eckies.

    21 replies to "Free Flying Eclectus Parrots | Short Session"

    • Butagzky TV

      ilang buwan naturuan magfreeflyt si Alpha and Omega??

    • Butagzky TV

      Galing naman bro

    • Parrot someday

      Hi, my new Eclectus is 5months old, what should I feed him? I'm following online raw vege and fruit suggestions but he is not eating. Taking bit of pellets only. Thanks!

    • Zinnia Rosalie Fleur Azela Floral

      Beautiful birds looks alpha doesn't want to fly she's just sitting there like yeah I'm not flying at all

    • Vigor Mike

      Hi. We plan to get 1 but before that, is this type of bird noisy? ā€¦say, compared to Cockatiels?

    • Melissa Kirst

      What treats you feed when they come and go ? Great video.

    • Vaske Pavlovic

      Hi, how did you train them indoors first, I have also pair of birds(Budgerigars). How did you taught them recall, how long do you think it will take to train them indoors and how long did you train them?

    • Rio's Videos

      Nice birds.

    • Zazu The Macaw

      im trying to fly my eclectus indoors what treats are you useing

    • Haz Bird Channel

      Come to my Chanell I have 2 baby eclectus how to training like this.

    • star draws 030

      Alphas feathers are absolutely stunning.
      Been doing my research and am hoping to get one some time this year

    • John Steeves

      I am getting my female eclectus day after. I dont know if these birds are loud

    • Lowell Bartido

      can you recommend the good breeder in Cebu for this kind of birds. Thanks

    • zm1611

      Your female looks like a Vosmaeri! I saying so because of the yellow on the tail feathers. Your male looks like a Vos but I can't see the tips of the tail clearly. Amazing, you really know exactly what you are doing with your Eclectus just from the feather quality.

    • Alan Birdman

      What do you feed them day to day? They look amazing.

    • Zai jx

      Hey I just started watching a few of your videos and I have been loving them
      Would you suggest an Eclectus parrot as a good pet for someone who has had one year worth of experience with birds?

    • Chelsea Tien Tran

      Great video, I was nervous she wouldn't flight back

    • Zefe

      Omg bro! That is a nice Vos! She has a beautiful fiery tail! Is the male a Vos too?

    • Mc lovin

      Hi . I currently have a cocktail and I am thinking of getting another bird . Do you thing the eclectus is a good bird ? Any other birds as good options ?

    • Mont Ezzekiel

      how old is your male eclectus?

    • Hanan Yegudayev

      Hello, do you recomend eclectus for free flight?

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