Today’s video is all about how to teach your parrot to fly to you on command! Like dogs coming when called, it’s important for birds to be able to fly to you in case they fly someplace where you can’t reach them. In addition, it’s also great exercise and lots of fun for your bird!

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    16 replies to "How to Teach Your Bird to Fly to You! | Parrot Flight Recall Training"

    • justin burleson

      I'm getting a parakeet what do I do I don't know I was watching your episodes

    • Rita Basu

      🤩Wow Ducky is soo cute🥰. And you train your birds perfectly 👍

    • Shakian

      It looks easy. I taught him to go around himself, fly in close distance, and shake hands. But after bringing a female and laying eggs. He is so aggressive and does not even like me to touch him
      That is so sad for me

    • pavan bhelave

      You are so beautiful

    • Ahmad Basalem

      When is the perfect age to teach this ?

    • Malapirt

      My tiel refuses to make the jump 😭

    • Linda

      Flying down the stairs is an awesome idea for training! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Pent Butler

      My bird used to be able to fly to to me from far away. He's not able to do it anymore even from short distances.

    • Nathan Ambrose

      what kind of treats do you use? looking to start with my bird 🐦


      Amazing 🥰

    • Saif Ahmed

      do i have to treat them every single time? or should i randomly treat to make it easier to not use treats later on?

    • Zaid alayoubi

      When I do this the bird keeps making sounds at me and running away with and without the treat but when I walk up to her she doesn’t get scared

    • shaheeda naseer

      My ringneck parakeet comes to me when I whistle thanks so much

    • ●Diamond●

      I'm gonna get a bird soon so I've been watching your video's and they're really helpful

    • MK

      there is a better way which is starving the bird

    • Lizzysgamingirl

      My bird is really sensitive and never flys to me so this video is what I need

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