Finally I’m back again with another trick training video! You guys all wanted to know how I taught my birds to wave, so here it is. Wave is a simple, cute, and impressive trick to train your bird!

💙Bluebell - blue budgie
💛Ducky - lutino cockatiel
💚Kermit - yellow-sided green cheek conure
🤍Pearl - albino budgie
💜Violet - blue budgie

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    21 replies to "How to Teach Your Bird to Wave! | Easy Parrot Trick Training"

    • ★Alizeh★

      I have recently kinda been neglecting my birds but I decided they must be feeling lonely 4 babies newborn off there’s already died so that why I came to YT

    • Raheem David

      I accidentally teached my cousins love bird to wave WITHOUT TRAINING OR STEPUP

    • {[BlackWolf]}

      i did this when she was scratching. worked wonderfully

    • Froggy

      Can somebody tell me what bird breed is Kermit

    • Tails of teils

      My mint also does this

    • hanzeltiong channel

      Hai my name hanzel

    • sohel mia

      Elle can you by me your bird

    • Lenka Klepacova

      Such a cutie he is:D and your attitude is so awarding.

    • Nalign Mitchell

      I totally love birds but I never thought that you can bathe and talk to your birds at all it's kind of cool

    • K Barone

      How could I send you a picture of my bird?

    • K Barone

      Hello Elle my name is Katie, I have a question for you, I have a Cockatiel his name is Noodles, he is a friendly bird and is now 6 mo. Old, he perches on my toes at night while watching TV, my question is, I noticed that he hangs upside down with his feathers out like he’s going to fly, does that mean anything?

    • Hxoneybear

      I will watch a thing with birds

    • Stefan Arsovski

      What do they eat what is that tree

    • Azmi's Creations

      Say which is your favourite Bird

    • Asha Pareek

      Which treat you are giving

    • xXMidnight_starXx

      I tried this to my lovebird but it didn’t work but
      Instead of waving, I teach my bird to footshake (handshake) when I say “greetings” it puts it feet on my finger and it’s so cute 🥰

    • Raisha_Playz

      few months later, ill adopt a baby budgie and tame wait until it grows up and train it because i adult budgies 🙁

    • Nwarino abdalla

      I’m a begginer of a bird owner and this helped a lot thank you

    • missy the budgie

      It's crazy how we have the same bird color and. Everything but my birds name is pickle

    • Laksh Kirtania ☺😃

      Are you a professional trainer of bird pliz tell us

    • Zara's Animal Life🇺🇦

      I’m planning on getting a cockatiel very soon and I have been watching your videos to learn all I can for months. you have helped so much!

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