Josh Cook is an Australian avian behaviourist also known as a bird whisperer. In this video he shows you how to train your bird to fly away and come back.

    21 replies to "How to train your bird to Fly Free?"

    • Jennifer Beasley

      I had a Jendaya conure for 14 years he died the day I had a major stroke. But anyway loved him to pieces smart as can be he flew freely outside I would but his cage outside he would get up on my finger rand I would say one, two three and he would fly a bit and wouldi say bye,bye Pierre and he would come back. strong bond ❤ loved him so much as I know he did me very affectionate parrot he went everywhere with me with never having his flight feathers trimmed

    • Dark Tsunami

      I have everything down except my bird will not take off unless I tell him to fly back to a perch, tips?

    • Erin Whitt

      my mom wont let me have a pet bird case she thinks that they have to fly free so this chould help

    • Malak Awad

      Where do you get birds

    • Stratoleft

      Thank you for doing this.

    • n c

      What if u cannot whistle?

    • Tiana

      If my bird flew away it would feel like moneys flying away

    • Kuro Kitsune

      Can you teach this to Budgies? Cause I just lost one of my two boys and I don't want my last one to fly away.

    • tristan francis

      How old is that bird. Seems to be a baby since you're hand feeding it but it's pretty big. I have a 3 month old he is now fully feathered but not that big…yet. he seems to free fly fine in the house and respond to my calls but outside not so much…easily distracted

    • adam brown

      0:30 just trying to talk and it screams shut up at u how rude

    • The Three Bird Buddies

      I am about to get a new bird called Monty and Pineapple and they are sort of trained already but we might need to re train it so I’m super nervous 😬 to let him free fly he can already free fly but he can still fly away so we are gonna try and train him

    • dream head animations

      1:55 bird : dude are those yellow worms in your head?

    • Charles Thomas

      what? a 6,000 dollar bird? no way man! Is this for real?

    • Parrot Volancy

      Just so everyone knows, baby macaws are some of the easiest birds to train for free flight. Even so, there is a LOT that can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. I hope everyone takes this as a snapshot of one person's process for training his birds rather than a "how to" guide. Please don't attempt this yourself without an experienced mentor or there is a very good chance you will lose your bird.

    • Let’s go Brandon

      Tip: do this inside

    • Shoaib Syed

      Is it possible to teach free flight to a parrot which is 4-5 years old. I have an alexandrian parrot

    • super invader

      it is an expensive bird i dare not let if fly flee unless it has trained by professional

    • Conure King!

      I flight trained my Nanday Conure. It was a difficult process but now we can go for bike rides, walks, etc, no problem.

    • Quality AMVs

      I can't whistle

    • Phil Mundara

      Somehow I got here … Humm he is definitely not a bird whisperer or a behaviourist. There is thing called thin ice, he is getting away with it through blind luck, not methodology or understanding. It is rather a misuse of trust. Anyway back to my lovelies.

    • ᏗᎮᎮᏝᏋᏕ


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