One of my Cape parrots are going to help me demonstrate how to teach a parrot how to hang off your finger like a bat. The goal is to be able to have your parrot hanging off your finger like this, just by his feet. We are going show you how it's done.

In the beginning, the key to this trick, it's a very easy trick, the key is to get the bird to be comfortable laying in your hands and hanging off on its back. The first step is to have your bird get comfortable with you putting your hand on its back. You are going to be able to need to roll him back. You're going to put your hand on his back, like this, and give him a treat and get him used to being grabbed.

Then, we are going to put our hand on his back and roll him back a little bit. We want to make sure he does not get too uncomfortable, so we're not going to go all at once. Give him a treat for that. I am going to roll him all the way on his back until he can lay in my hand, like this. He is still holding on with his feet, but he is lying in my hand, that's good.

Keep in mind, folks, the process takes much longer. I'm just demonstrating the steps that you are going to need to go through. It may take a matter of a couple of days or weeks before your bird is comfortable laying in your hand like this.

Good bird. Very good.

I'm just going to keep rolling him back and briefly let go, and then hold him again and give him the treat. The goal is to just progressively have him on his back longer and longer, and go further and further. Invert him and get him comfortable being on his back.

Alright. Good bird.

I'm going to get to the point where I can roll him on his back and let go, and he is going to hang off my finger. Then, finally, when he is used to doing that, I can just roll him backwards and have him just hanging off my finger. Most birds aren't going to drop their heads all the way like this at first. The way I do it is, I just trick him by holding the treat underneath, and have him pay attention to the treat to have him learn to hang longer.

Maybe even give him that treat, and that's the way to get him to stretch his head down. Otherwise, most birds are going to curl their head upward while they're in that position. They're going keep their heads like that. By showing him the treat underneath, you can get him to bring his head down.

Finally, the very last step to making this a complete trick is you just snap your fingers and have him flip over and hang off your finger, like that.

That's how you teach a parrot to hang off your finger like a bat.

    18 replies to "Teach Parrot to Hang on Finger like Bat | Parrot Training"

    • jaroslav nr

      mine parrot: umm ok

    • Rawand abdulla

      How old should it be??

    • Pravin Shinde

      What is the food u gave to the parrot??

    • zeefeer0

      MICHAEL WE HAVE THE SAME SURNAME!!! i'm super pumped about that cuz it's rare, especially with ppl whose native tongue is english hhahahha. never thought i'd see someone else with that surname who isn't russian like i am!

    • Lalit Sharma

      what treat you give them

    • Jackie Higgins

      I have to use a glove

    • TobuTori

      he keeps flying or running along my hand like it's a log- how do you not do that?

    • Jennifer Winter

      How do I even get my cockatiel on my finger?!?!

    • Eva Patapan

      My bird can do it but i have to hold her back the littlest bit so when i twist my finger she just readjusts instead of hanging on my finger. Any tips?

    • Renata Elawi

      Does it work with birds

    • antique

      My cockatiel was on my finger and i showed him a circle in the air with my hand and he hanged on my finger like a bat

    • blackham7

      My parrot hanged from a length of rope…but it's not coming back up again…

    • Vegas

      me: 🙁
      this bird: small screeches
      me: :D!!!! I like this noisy bird very much!

    • shovey

      My Pineapple Conure does this, and she hangs by one leg and spins around haha

    • Dictator Shawn

      My African grey randomly did this when she was perched on my finger. She's the cutest. She even swings herself while upside down on my finger. Then feathers get fluffy and starts singing and swinging.

    • Kiara Murphy

      I can't touch my bird at all she seems frightened can you please show me a video on how to help with this

    • Daquashion Daqauavus Tyreek Mike Cox Jr The 69th

      My tiel do loops but he cant do a hang

      And i follow this steps my bird is starting to bite me

    • PlayAndroidgames

      My cockatiel is now biting me 😟😟😟😟

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