Train your Parrot to say Hello!
Enhanced audio made just for your pet companion!
They will be saying Hello in no time!

    27 replies to "Teach your Parrot to say Hello!"

    • Roxy

      How many times a day?

    • Delicate purple

      day 1=my birds are frozen but my male budgie responded to a hello and now hes cleaning his wife he came down in intrest and now says it like he wants to say it and goes back to his wife 😂he trys to tuck in his leg to sleep but fails instead talks to his wife and goes behind her there both sleepy so they only listend for 10 mins mins and another male budgie is screaming and the female budgie showed interest and there sleeping now
      day 2: so they female budgue went in the nest box and the male budgie is mimicking the birds sound and another male is quit and frozen i think he might learn it
      day 3: my male budgie replys to teh sounds sometimes when they said hello he replied and kinda said it and the female budgie said it like h-chirp my female budgie said it!! i think i mean i heard her say it twice
      day 4: male budgie is mimicking the birds sound he kinda said hello btw the next is gonna be month 1

    • spiked slimepup
    • spiked slimepup
    • spiked slimepup

      Do in 59:77

    • Karma

      My brother recently got two parrots.. and i had to calm them down after playing this audio they are now calm. Thanks.

    • Dilhara Saavithri

      Thank you from Sri Lanka My bird is a lanyards parakeets my bird is saying 👋 hello for me

    • yes123

      For some reason this makes my bird feel that there’s another bird trapped in my device

    • Bairavi Bairava

      Ottu kakkava

    • Bailey Laing

      Does it work?


      My bird say hello when she say hello 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • Stxuchii

      My bird just sneezed when she heard hello.
      Shes probably allergic to words now.

    • Gaming Boi Rakshu

      While I was playing this video cat game because I was on roof I don't know if it came with the videos noise aur with the real Birds noise


      My parrot watched my phone funny and attacked it 😂

    • Mark Guinto

      I played this for 10 mins and all my 6 budgies were crazy looking for the other birds.. they flew all over my room and never stopped until I stopped playing the video. They also stayed in their cage.

    • LeeTheGreat2109

      I don’t know

    • Regan

      My birds just rang their bell

    • Ritika Gurnani

      I started the video and after few seconds my plum headed parakeet went to eat food🙄 he is like idc i will go eat

    • corannthomas

      You need to repeat the word with much more frequency than that

    • ꧁ Ixxito ꧂ bruh

      my parrot said wha? and came to my screen breathing LOUD

    • Auzzie Avocado

      my Indian Ringneck is just playing with my jumper.

    • joseph' life

      My budgie is trying to say hello 50 minutes in

    • HALIMA random CHANNEL

      Will this work on my afraid and aggressive Indian ringnecks?


      how many days wll it take for him to say hello
      im trying to teach him for 2 days but i dont think he will learn within two days and hes 5 months old so when will he learn to say hello

    • Mrs Xafar

      Thank you!! My bird learned how to say hello in just 1 month

    • Nafolchan

      I've only played it for 20 min, my Indian ringneck is pretty distracted but I'm hearing him attempt to imitate the chipping lmao

    • Awakened Being

      My cockatiel is just chillin unphased lol
      Maybe if I play it everyday….

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